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Written by Selaine Henriksen   
Friday, 07 August 2015 15:34
The mother in this book says to the media in response to a question about her still breast-feeding Jack, "Is that all you get out of this?" And, I have to say, that was one of my first take-aways, too. How sad is that, that we're immune to the shock of a man locking away a woman? It's been in the news enough that it's more shocking that she still breast feeds a five-year-old.

It's after I finished the book, after the first rush of reading head-long to find out what happens, that little delayed time bombs go off. Realising how small the room was and how all the 'world building' in the beginning impacts so much at the end, realising how no light and no space and little food impacted Jack's size, the mother's father's reaction to her child, the fact that the mother would have to face the pervert in court. It's a book that sticks with you a long time.