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Written by Selaine Henriksen   
Saturday, 27 June 2015 20:16

I re-read the whole series. The funny thing is that I would have sworn up and down that the books were written in first person. But they're not. They are written in third person but the narrator speaks with Myron's voice. It's a neat trick, actually, because the author can still follow other characters and build tension by letting the reader know what's happening with them, without the main character knowing. Only one of the Bolitar series is written in first person - "Long Lost".  And, of the series, it's the darkest and least amusing.

I like how Coben lets the characters grow and change, adapting and responding to the events in the books. At first, I didn't like that he aged Myron and Win. I thought - why would you do that?  But I see now the story has a flow and arc and it works, even if I want more of their stories as young men.

It's nice to re-read and see these techniques the author uses. In the first go around I was too caught up in what's happening to notice. Some of the references are out of date, some I didn't even catch. Still -- a lot of fun to read, great beach reading.