The Quarry Iaian Banks PDF Print E-mail
Written by Selaine Henriksen   
Tuesday, 09 June 2015 12:47

His last book; it feels like he needed to get a rant off. I don't care to say anything bad about a man's last book but my mind did wander while I read this. My first reaction was "WTF?" Was it just published because of who he was? If this were written by a newbie it's be thrown out. Because all the elements of story we're taught about are left out; there is no plot, no character development. Just anti-climax after anti-climax. I thought about it a little more and concluded that he picked a main character who cannot change - he has some version of autism - for a reason. Life doesn't give us satisfactory climaxes; the only narrative sense is supplied by ourselves. Life just goes on, no matter what, whether we're there or not.